Importance of brand awareness

Importance of brand awareness

Brand Awareness


What do you think when you hear; “Every little helps”, “Finger Licking Good”,
“Probably the best lager in the world”, “Just Do it”?


If you immediately thought Tesco, KFC, Carlsberg and Nike you understand the importance of brand awareness.  The following stats taken from a recent BPMA survey will show how Promotional Merchandise can increase your company brand awareness.

  • 92% of respondents believe that branded promotional merchandise increased company and brand awareness.  Each time your EXCITE Promotional Merchandise item is used your customers are reminded of your brand time and time again.
  • 82% of respondents said that they would keep an item they were given.  EXCITE Promotional Merchandise products really work…each time your customer uses the product they are reminded of your promotional message.  No other advertising gives you such exposure and value for money!
  • 52% of those surveyed have purchased from companies whose branded Promotional Merchandise is on their desk.  This isn’t surprising as office workers spend an average of 8 hours per day at their desks. Make sure your brand or promotional message is at their fingertips with EXCITE PM!

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USBs used time and time again, Pens promoting your brand non- stop,  Bags ready to carry your brand, Mugs that will go directly into the hands of decision makers, Umbrellas have your brand covered, Eco products that don’t cost the earth to increase your brand awareness, Desk Items that make sure your brand or promotional message is at your customers fingertips and 100s of more great promotional products ready to boost your brand awareness.

Here are some more statistics from the survey: 

  • 76% of people surveyed said that they could name a brand or company featured on PM on their desk without having to look for confirmation.  EXCITE PM offer prime advertising space at great prices.
  • 65% of the respondents reported sharing or passing on the Promotional Products to at least 2 family members…increasing your brand awareness and creating new customers.
  • 70% of respondents could not memorize which media campaigns they had been exposed to over the time period but could remember using Promotional Products such as branded Coffee MugsTote Bags or Key Chains.

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