5 Top Tips for buying Promotional Merchandise

  1.        Set your budget

Whether you are after lower cost at high volume or higher value at a lower value – your budget is key for outlining what you can afford. If it’s for an event this is a wider target audience so the promotional giveaways would be lower cost, higher volume. If it’s for a more targeted audience – i.e., certain clients for a targeted campaign, the promotional gifts would be higher cost at a lower volume. 


  1.        Your target audience

Who are the recipients of the promotional items? Your reasoning behind this might be to expand your market catchment or retain loyal customers. Consider what message you are sending when you are choosing the product and if the customer will find it useful.


  1.        Which product?

Deciding on which promotional product is best to go with often depends on the promotional campaign itself. For trade shows, conferences and relaunches the likes of bags, pens, and drinkware are often the most popular items requested. Getting your brand out there to not only current customers but new customers. For corporate gifts these would be luxury pens, gift sets or crystal keep sakes. Gifts like these would say Thank-you for their continued business and support.

  1.        Design

Your company branding is reflected through your promotional merchandise. Selecting colours matching your company branding ensures compliance to your brand, your company logo will be printed onto this merchandise and consistency is key. Give-aways reflect the company image so if your look is edgy or traditional ensure your branded merchandises matches your message.

  1. Delivery

How will you be distributing the promotional product? For trade and exhibition shows this wouldn’t matter as much as you are giving the product directly into the hands of your customers. If it were a postal campaign, you would be better choosing light weight and easy posted products such as stationary, calendars etc.


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